What is the best bookmaker in terms of sports betting?

Posted on July 19, 2018

This is like choosing the best team in history: everyone will have different opinions, but many agree on the best five or ten. In this case it happens the same, there is not a bookmaker that is better than all the others, but there is a group of several very reliable pages, among which you can choose your own favorite.

Betandwin, usually known as Bwin, is not only the sponsor of Real Madrid, it is also one of the most well-known betting bookmakers in the entire planet due to its seriousness and number of users. This last fact can sometimes be important due to the fact that there are millions of people like you who once asked this same question, and today they are satisfied.

William Hill is a good choice when it comes to gambling. Despite being one of the oldest in the world, this bookmaker has managed to accompany the technological process in the best way.

Finally, Betfair is a different bookmaker. Here the bookmaker does not give the odds, the users put them. As an intermediary, the bookmaker will keep a percentage in commission, but still you can earn more money than in the other more traditional format.

We give you the options. You choose!


Posted on July 18, 2018

Can you bet on your mobile using an iPhone app or Android app in William Hill?

As indicated by his leadership in the online gambling market, William Hill extended his services to the world of cell phones. However, at the moment, this service is only offered in one language: English. While more and more people handle the mentioned language with some comfort and ease, for many users it can be a problem. Anyway, this legendary bookmaker emerged in the United Kingdom, in 1934, has in its next plans to give life to the development of its applications for platforms such as iPhone and Android, for example.

Those who have their account registered in William Hill, can access from their phones. There, the offer includes three well-differentiated sections: Mobile Sportsbook, Casino and Racing Post App (available in the App Store). The first option includes a wide range of bets in real time and the most diverse alternatives in terms of sports and events: football, tennis, horse racing and cricket, among the main ones, although by clicking on “All Sports” you can access to a long list (boxing, baseball, cycling, basketball, hockey, handball, motorsport, motorcycling, volleyball, etc.).

With specific relationship to Android users, they have a special application that, according to the same authorities William Hill, significantly exceeds the first products that the company had presented in terms of mobile phones. This system designed particularly for Android is an extremely easy to use interface and provides more than 40,000 possibilities to bet on the William Hill site, both live and prior to the event in question. It should be noted that this is a totally free application.

Beyond the great publicity and promotion that he has given to his application for Android, William Hill does not neglect the iPhone clients.

The Payment Methods Guide

Posted on July 17, 2018

The ability to deposit and withdraw your winnings quickly and free of charge your money is an important factor when you play online, either at the casino or at sports betting (especially for sports betting, if your margin is 2% on the long run term …). Fortunately, operators offer many different payment methods. In this article, we will examine the best known means of payment and analyze for each their advantages and disadvantages.

Electronic wallet

Electronic wallets (or e-wallets) are among the best options. They work in a similar way to bank accounts, the speed bonus. You can directly add your bank cards, bank accounts or other ways to deposit and withdraw money. In addition, your operators will not have access to your banking data, which is reassuring when you play.

Nevertheless, and this remark applies to all electronic wallets, you must pay attention to their exchange rates. Make sure you always transfer your funds in the same currency so you do not lose money during the transfer. In addition, there are taxes for withdrawals and deposits. The game sites support them most of the time (if they do not, you will pay between 1% and 2% of the amount transferred).

Here are the best options on the market:


PayPal is certainly the most popular electronic wallet. You can easily move money to use it. There are many ways to fund your PayPal account or withdraw money. Most casinos and bookmakers offer it to players, but some are restricted (including Bwin).

We recommend it because it is one of the fastest. Deposits are instant and often withdrawals arrive in minutes. Even if this is not the case, you should receive the money in a day or two. Another benefit of PayPal is that most bonuses are available to customers who have deposited with this e-wallet.

Be careful however: some operators restrict their bonus if you deposit with Paypal.

Others allow only deposit via Paypal and not withdrawal. We recommend that you check if this is the case before depositing, even if this case is quite rare.


Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is a very popular electronic wallet for online gambling. It is accepted by almost all sites for deposits and withdrawals. Like PayPal, you can easily add or remove funds to Skrill in a variety of ways.

The biggest benefit of this e-wallet is the speed of payments. Deposits are instant and withdrawals often arrive immediately. It is as secure as possible and your data is protected by the latest technology available.

However, make sure your bonus is eligible with Skrill.

Other payment methods

If you do not want to use wallets, there are other viable options for moving money. Here are the ones we believe to be the best:

Credit and debit cards

Good credit and debit cards, including VISA and MasterCard, are accepted at nearly all sites. Deposits are instant, but withdrawals usually take a few business days.

Unlike e-wallets, credit and debit cards are accepted for all bonuses and promotions. No fees are generally applied for deposits or withdrawals.

Prepaid cards

In terms of protecting your privacy, prepaid cards are optimal. EntroPay and PaySafeCard are the most popular. Many casinos out there accept them and you can finance one in different ways.

The good news is that prepaid cards can often be used for withdrawals as well. Waiting time is similar to credit cards. This means that you get your funds in a few business days.

Most bookmakers do not restrict bonuses after a deposit via prepaid cards.

Bank transfers

Bank transfers are widely supported and most sites. But the conditions vary enormously from one operator to another.

One of the advantages is that your funds and data are well protected. The waiting time for transfers takes on average between 3 and 5 working days.

Regarding bonuses and promotions, bank transfers are never excluded from accepted payment methods.


Bitcoin is a very popular virtual currency. It has many advantages over traditional methods of filing. Fees are low, payments are instant and you can remain completely anonymous.

Analyze competitions

Posted on July 16, 2018

There are many ways to win but to do it constantly a deep knowledge of the sport and the competition in which you are going to bet is essential. Of course, analyzing the leagues thoroughly requires a lot of work but it also pays off if done well.

To analyze competitions, either from your country or foreign, more or less known, the process is similar. In addition to statistics, which can be found every day in various specialized websites, if you want to go further, you have to study the detail. When facing a new season in a new competition, there are several determining factors:

First, if it is a competition that you do not know, the history of the clubs, especially the recent one, requires at least a small look and some notes. If it is a legendary club, its titles, if it is a typical second team, etc. This combined with a current economic situation and its latest classifications can give us an adequate context to start working.

Second, the templates, the highs and lows. Here, the continuity of the key men must be given importance, as well as the quality of the reinforcements. Nor should forget the role of the coach. In general, in the first days of the competitions the bookmakers are fixed too much in the previous year and do not value the changes. Also an important detail in team sports are the templates in which there are too many variations, even if they are for better, the first days, the lack of conjunction may be a factor to consider. When assessing the highs and lows of a team it is normal to meet unknown players or those whose real performance is not known. A look at their performance in the previous season helps you calibrate your level.

Third, the competition. A previous analysis of what usually happens in the league in which we are going to bet can be very useful to see trends of previous years as if it is a very scoring or scoring league, of many draws or surprises, etc.

Fourth, already involved in the competition, write down each match and result together with some statistics that may be relevant to the sport in question and, very important, a short summary with the notes, impressions, news of the match, either because we have seen it or because we have compiled information in the press. With some basic knowledge of Excel you can make some very well-adapted tables that allow you to find the data you are looking for in a moment and compare the teams that play in the next day.

Fifth, the resources. It is necessary to know a few webs that help us to have the best possible information. In addition to a page that shows us the form, classification, statistics, it is also important to have links to the local press and sports where we will get the latest news. If in addition there are reliable contacts that know well the clubs in question, we will have the battle to the bookies half won.

Of course, to do this, you need a little patience, a lot of order and a lot of perseverance. Having notes of the matches helps a lot to make decisions for the following days. Add some color codes, warnings, underlines, will intuitively see important aspects like if the team has had bad luck, if it has been a game with too many goals for the number of occasions, if there are important injuries, etc. Even in competitions that we know well, it can be a good way to not forget important bets or ideas, and to increase profits.

Rating of the bookmaker Bwin

Posted on July 13, 2018


Bwin is the best bookmaker we can find, both for bonuses, as for variety of bets, ease of use, customer service, ease of entry and payment …

Bwin includes all the different ways of payment, which most of the bookmakers are a bit behind. And the same happens in the payment. It has friendship bonus, which encourages a lot to convince friends to enter and so bring us both benefits, and at the same time Bwin gets a new bettor. In addition to this bonus, in the first income has 100% bonus of your income, something formidable, and every so often offers bonuses of that style, in addition to special occasions like World Cup, Euro Cup, Eurobasket …

The great variety of sports is incredible, and the large number of bets also, in the same event we can find hundreds of bets . In several bookmakers you only find a bet or 2 in each event, while in Bwin you have varied options.

The problems that we can find will be easy to solve, since the customer service of Bwin is fast despite being saturated.

Another very important aspect are the LIVE bets, the best live of all the bookmakers has Bwin, besides the great variety of bets in each event, we have a marker to know how the event develops while we bet. Besides being able to see and hear many football, tennis, snooker … which makes it very fun to spend time in Bwin, while watching a tennis match and betting on the set, you can see the result of the event live and know if we win or not. This service only Bwin has, and it is a great success on their part.

They are innovators in a points program, where we get points in relation to the bets made, and then we can exchange them in prizes, whether they are cash bonuses, raffles or different prizes, which makes the user much more fun betting.

Maybe the only drawback is the odds, because for what most people bet, easy matches like Barcelona matches at home or similar, the odds are the lowest we can find in the different bookmakers, hence a greater benefit they have.

Ranking of sportsbooks in the aspect of reliability

Posted on July 12, 2018

When looking for a bookmaker, one must find seriousness. Not all bookmakers have the same guarantees, and not all offer their users a decent service. Here we give you a list of four of the best bookmakers in the world.

Bwin is the number one online bookmaker worldwide. There are around 30,000 daily bets that can be found on the website of Bwin, a company that was founded in Gibraltar, Austria in 1997, starting to work a year later online.

Bwin merged with PartyGaming in July 2010, creating an alliance valued at more than 2 million pounds sterling. It also partnered with Interxion, one of the most important providers of IT solutions in Europe. The latter allows Bwin to provide a better service and attract large numbers of customers without problems due to excess traffic

In our opinion, Bet365 is one of the undisputed leaders in Internet betting. Bet365 offers bets on numerous sports, such as football, basketball, tennis, handball.

William Hill:
It works since 1998 with internet bets. It currently has some 300,000 customers in 150 countries. To open an account you need to make a deposit of 2 euros, and accept credit cards such as Visa, Eurocard or Master Card, bank transfer, personal check, fast cash (only in the United Kingdom) and Neteller (in US dollars, Canadian, euros and sterling pounds).

Betfair has been in the world of betting since 1999. It offers an innovative method: the bookmaker is not the one who fixes the odds but the users, while Betfair takes 5% of the profits for its work as an intermediary.
This means that the odds are up to 20% higher than in the rest of the bookmakers. The minimum bet is 2 euros.

Bwin, Bet365, Betfair? – Bwin alternatives

Posted on July 11, 2018

Bwin, Bet365, Betfair? – Bwin alternatives

Which bookmakers are good alternatives to Bwin?

Bwin, Bet365, Betfair?

Bwin is one of, if not the best-known bookmaker in the population. But of course there are also some alternatives in the betting market, which of course can be even better and offer better deals for the customers. This should now be highlighted and explained in more detail in the following report.

Bwin or Bet365?
Bet365 would come into play, a bookmaker who also enjoys a good reputation on the internet.

Bwin or Betfair?
But then another competitor would come into the game and although this is not directly a bookmaker, but this is about the largest betting exchange worldwide.

This is about the provider “Betfair”. As the name suggests, the founders would be able to offer their customers a “fair” offer of good odds and the number of games. At Betfair, odds are not determined by the provider, but by the customers themselves. Basically, it’s about betting on or against an event and this at certain odds that are offered. In English, this also means you bet “back” or “lay”. If you bet on a certain event, that means nothing else, as with any other bookmaker, that you bet, for example, that Bayern Munich will win the game against SC Freiburg. Now the innovation would mean that you also bet against it, so you bet that Bayern will not win against SC Freiburg. With lay bets, you can make high profits on very unlikely events with very little bet if they actually happen.

At Betfair, the rule of supply and demand applies. Back and Lay must always be balanced. So you have to bet as much for, as against something.

Betfair basically only provides the platform with the lots, customer service and payment options. In addition, Betfair always advertises that the odds on this system are about 20% higher than those of the other bookmakers, but you always have to deduct a commission of 5% on the profits and then you get on about the same level from Bet365 or many other Asian bookmakers.

Although Betfair offers a good range of bets, but not as extensive as many a competitor.

In my opinion Betfair is really only an alternative if you bet relatively professionally and got a limit on many bookmakers. This can not happen to a Betfair, since only the market offers here alone.

Summary of the alternatives to Bwin
Finally, it should be noted once again that there are some alternatives to Bwin and two of them have been briefly touched on here and presented in more detail. Bwin still lives on its reputation and can therefore bind many customers, but you should always look around for alternatives on the market, as they can offer better terms and for the customer a better deal. Of the two previously mentioned, basically Bet365 is highly recommended.


Posted on July 10, 2018

What deposit and payment methods does William Hill offer his clients?

In accordance with its enormous and unblemished trajectory in the market of the games of chance, William Hill offers to its users a great amount of possibilities in what refers to the transfers of money. As with most bookmakers, the range of options for making an income far exceeds the alternatives available to collect the opportune profits. Below, a review of each of these methods and their respective characteristics and conditions.

Transactions with credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) and debit cards (Visa Electron and Maestro excel) are immediately credited and in both cases allow a minimum of 10 euros and a daily maximum of 250,000. Meanwhile, among other popular options, the bank transfer (3 to 5 business days) and the personal check (10 business days from the date of receipt) accept a floor of 25 euros and a ceiling of 100,000.

In another order, there is a considerable list of variants that ensure immediacy and are more linked to the virtual environment, dividing into what is known as electronic wallet and prepaid cards: Quick Cash (minimum of 5 euros and maximum of 5,000 per day), Neteller (10-100,000), PayPal (10-20,000), Moneybookers (10-80,000), Click2Pay (10-10,000), ClickandBuy (10-10,000), Paysafecard (10-10,000) and Ukash (10-500).

The above mentioned are only the highlighted modalities, since William Hill provides as many as WebMoney, Prezelewy24, Sofort├╝berweisung, Giropay, Nordea, Abaqoos, iDEAL, Moneta.ru, Instadebit, POLi, Euteller, Speedcard, Fundsend, eKonto, eWire, Eps , Teleingreso, Gluepay, CashU, Mistercash and UseMyBank, about which you can search in the “Help” section of the website of this prestigious betting house.

To withdraw the money earned, credit and debit cards represent a delay ranging from three to five days. Also, the bank transfer requires a processing time of five business days and personal check, between seven and ten business days. The only really instants are Quick Cash and Neteller. Both PayPal and Moneybookers, Click2Pay and Clickandbuy demand a wait of one working day. To learn about the minimum and maximum corresponding to each medium, it is recommended to enter the William Hill page and access the relevant data of the country of residence in question.


Posted on July 4, 2018

Can you bet on your mobile using an iPhone app or Android app on Betfair?

As with other bookmakers that lead the current market in terms of online gambling, Betfair adapted its services to mobile telephony; Given the constant technological advances of these times, all bookmakers have been forced not to limit themselves to the computer. Fundamentally, because -now- more and more people have the cell phone as a main tool, both for work and for study and entertainment. In that sense, this consistent company based in London offers its applications especially aimed at iPhone and Android users, two very successful platforms in the present.

With regard to the first, the process to access the official client (in addition to this attractive application for sports betting, there are others) for Betfair’s iPhone is very simple. Its download is free and allows users of this bookmaker to view the thousands of opportunities that Betfair offers daily on its website. In this way, those who are registered can place bets (for and against), keep track of the account and much more. To avoid inconvenience and to be aware of certain legal issues, it is good to know that Betfair is licensed in Germany, Australia, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Gibraltar, Malta and the United Kingdom. Logically, to be able to use these services, the fact of being over 18 years of age is a determining requirement.

In the same way, through the website, it is possible to acquire the system that Betfair made particularly for Android. This complete application specific to the web environment gives way to all the markets of the exchange bookmaker par excellence, including Australia and New Zealand. With the possibility of entering and withdrawing money, it became a useful and solvent tool from every point of view. To download it, you must enter the “Applications” section, in the “Settings” menu.

Users of other types of devices should know that Betfair also offers its services for iPad (available in App Store) and for Blackberry (Java application or directly from the browser). To learn about other details, it is recommended to take a look at the company’s website.


Posted on July 3, 2018

What deposit and payment methods does Betfair offer its customers?

While the options to make deposits and collect earnings with Betfair are not highlighted by the amount, it is inevitable to admit that this serious bookmaker offers the best-and most widely used-methods of today. Its offer, globalized and comprehensive, aims to adjust comfortably and easily to the various possibilities available to each user, depending on the country of residence and other issues. Next, a review of the different alternatives, their characteristics and conditions.

To enter money into the account, credit and debit cards appear Visa, MasterCard and Visa Electron, the three companies that dominate the scene in what refers specifically to online sports betting. In all cases a minimum of 15 euros is imposed, while the limit is decided by the issuer. In addition, all three require a commission of 1.5% (processing is instantaneous). In parallel, the option of local bank transfer requires a minimum of 15 euros and a maximum of 9,999 per day, while the international has no maximum. One of the main cons of these variants goes through the processing time, which can reach three days.

In the present, virtual methods are preferred by most bettors: PayPal (minimum of 7 euros, maximum of 1,000 or 11,000, for verified users) is processed instantly and requires a 1.5% commission; Moneybookers (minimum of 10 euros, maximum variable), also instantaneous and without commissions, constitutes a possibility of the most attractive; Click & Buy (15/750) credits the balance entered in less than one hour and Neteller (15 / 50,000) ensures immediacy in the transaction. The last two do not imply any commission, although only during promotional periods.

For cash withdrawals, the procedures are the same. As for credit cards, Visa (no commission) has no minimum, delivers a maximum equivalent to $ 50,000 and includes a processing time of two to five days. Meanwhile, the local bank transfer requires a minimum of 30 euros (and no limit), a processing that goes from three to five days and 15 euros commission. PayPal (same conditions as for deposit), Moneybookers (variable cap), Click & Buy, Neteller (4 / 50,000) and Visa Electron (no minimum or maximum) do not request any commission. Finally, it should be noted that the international bank transfer involves between three and five days of management, and a tax of 15 euros.